Psychotherapy and Yoga Center - Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
Testimonials And More..."Ujjayi breath is when you inhale through your nostril and then exhale through your nostril. Take a long deep inhalation, a slow exhale. Ujjayi breathing is victorious breath and has a multitude of benefits."
Attending Cindy's yoga class is the quintessential body and mind experience. Her calm, relaxing voice pairs perfectly with traditional yoga techniques and philosophy. I find that attending the Wednesday evening class is a great way to relieve tension, as well as rejuvenate my body and mind. I highly recommend this class!                                                                                 Desiree M.  
   Yoga under the TreesThere is something mystical about practicing yoga outdoors under the rustling canopy of a tall and reaching tree --Our bare feet rooted in the rich earth.Our Ujjayi breath joins the solemn breeze that whispers through the leaves - a communal prayer for serenity and balance.We are one -- Nameste'                                                                                  Nancy C.
"Yoga mat - $10.00Travel to and fro - $2.50Fee -  $10.00Physical Benefits -  Priceless"                                                                                 Donna T.

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