Psychotherapy and Yoga Center - Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
Testimonials And More..."Ujjayi breath is when you inhale through your nostril and then exhale through your nostril. Take a long deep inhalation, a slow exhale. Ujjayi breathing is victorious breath and has a multitude of benefits."
Attending Cindy's yoga class is the quintessential body and mind experience. Her calm, relaxing voice pairs perfectly with traditional yoga techniques and philosophy. I find that attending the Wednesday evening class is a great way to relieve tension, as well as rejuvenate my body and mind. I highly recommend this class!                                                                                 Desiree M.  
   Yoga under the TreesThere is something mystical about practicing yoga outdoors under the rustling canopy of a tall and reaching tree --Our bare feet rooted in the rich earth.Our Ujjayi breath joins the solemn breeze that whispers through the leaves - a communal prayer for serenity and balance.We are one -- Nameste'                                                                                  Nancy C.
"Yoga mat - $10.00Travel to and fro - $2.50Fee -  $10.00Physical Benefits -  Priceless"                                                                                 Donna T.
Caregiver's Support Group
The members of the group describe feeling angry, frustrated and alone. The responsibility for caring for a loved one is enormous and can become monotonous and isolating. The group helps one deal with all of these feelings and more by sharing experiences, feelings and yes even laughter. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please so not hesitate to call today!
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