Psychotherapy and Yoga Center - Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
Combining Hatha Yoga with the benefits of Psychotherapy
Cynthia L. Sarris, LCSW is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor for the Center.  She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1991 and has been practicing Yoga since 1995.  Over the years it has become apparent to her that combining the benefits of Cognitive/Behavioral therapy and the meditative, spiritual and total wellness that Yoga offers made a lot of sense.
 "I have reflected often on how I could combine the two practices so that my clients could benefit from the cognitive/behavioral approach of psychotherapy with the meditative, spiritual and total wellness benefit of Yoga. I thought that perhaps becoming a Yoga Instructor would help me find the avenue I was looking for to help my clients heal spiritually, mentally and physically. By expanding my knowledge of Yoga, I also would find the answer on how to combine the two practices."

Dana Pelliccio,LPC,  is a psychotherapist for the Center. Prior to joining the practice, she provided outpatient counseling services to children, adolescents and adults in both university and community agency settings. Dana's specialties include anxiety disorder, depression, adolescent issues, family communication, eating/body image issues and cognitive behavioral therapy. Above all, Dana believes that the therapeutic relationship is the most important component in helping clients heal.

Andrea Basel, LCSW is a psychotherapist who recently joined the practice. She provides outpatient therapy to adults who are dealing with grief, depression  or other age related issues. Andrea focuses on helping clients with life stages and with loss/trauma.She also works with families.  Her previous experiece has been with the Yale Child Study Center and the Guilford Youth and Family Services.

Caitlin Pytli, LMT is a Licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage, relaxation and sports massages. She also specializes in Reiki. She is available for massage evenings and on weekends by appointment.
The Center Offers:
  • Multi-level  Yoga classes from beginners to intermediate
  • 30 years of psychotherapy  experience and 18 years of Hatha Yoga practice
  • Individual, group and marital therapy
  • Breathing techniques from Yoga that benefits one in dealing with anxiety and depression.
  • Massage and Reiki Therapy
Call to learn more about the benefits of Yoga and  massage and for information about yoga classes.
Psychotherapy sessions scheduled by appointment.
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